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Semi private life in Helsinki
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It is almost four months later, since the last time I posted anything here. But here, is another project update which was done in February with a friend of mine who worked on the music specifically for this video work.

"The Super Polyester Electro(ae)static is a video work done based on an observation and response in daily basis, literally like how the name suggested.

For the winter has been cold and dry in Finland, the bodies are acknowledged each time when a synthetic fiber content clothing has been put on. The electrostatic that is, giving out sparks which also comes with a dry (almost) musical sound of fireworks.
In this interpretation of electrostatic, it is the collision of mostly polyester and the hair. To speak in terms of the ‘technicality’, each sweater has different polyester fiber content and thus the amount of static is different. Nevertheless, this match would be the most evident happening in Finnish winter’s everyday life circumstances.”

You may watch the video here:http://vimeo.com/59317170

Images / video: Aiwei Foo
Music: elintseeker (elintseeker.bandcamp.com)


Mallusjoki Point of View

I guess… I am really no good and not consistent in updating my blogs. I should be more consissistent or consistenttent. But the time passes so fast, and I move so slow. And if the relationship between the time and my movement is like how the duration of flight affected by the movement of earth and the direction of the plane, perhaps I could find this specific point where I can work a little faster…

So, lately I have been working with a friend, Aoi Yoshizawa in various art projects. We talked about random ideas during daily conversation, we executed some and some we left them out because we don’t have that much time and energy to cater to all of our randomness. But maybe slowly. But maybe we could still do a lot more before we part with each other. Who knows when, but there is time like this, to say ‘goodbye, see you soon.’, ‘goodbye, I will miss you.’ But I know I will miss her loads. 

And this is one of the images in the series Mallusjoki Point of View, it is a series of photo taken at Finnish countryside, Mallusjoki, about one hour and a half drive further North of Helsinki. This work is about pseudo hunting, impromptu styling with found objects and clothing. Meanwhile, it is also about spending life in the countryside and celebrating the traditional Finnish christmas.


Pipi et Caca

I am starting a series of new work, appropriating the images i have before ( I thought it is also a way of sustainability, to re-use and re-new my own images for different purposes. How much digital waste we have created each day??) The working title, I called it Pipi et Caca, in French it mean pee and shit. I like how it sounds, pipi caca pipi caca, sounds cute although it means pee and shit. So pipi et caca, always come as a pair, full of shit(?), no deep concept. 

it is an on going project, I update every now and then. I didn’t publish the site to the public yet (what is public? how public is public??) so this is the first time I tell ‘everyone’ that, it is oh! public now, follow if you are interested in my shallow shit. yay.




aTa is a collaborative work by Aoi, Tong and Aiwei. We call it the body movement sketch , because our movements are raw and unrefined. Some people might relate ‘sketch’ to the notion of expressive , and it might also make you think about speed, or we should be fast. But in contrary, we are expressive not in the physical speed, but constantly trying to push our limits, finding tools and medium for execution but not to define the xxx.

Here is our new blog :


aTa: Sketch no.2

aTa: Sketch no.1- Winter Cyclists Go To Swim In Pyjamas

aTa’s first body movement sketch


Just that you know, I am inconsistant, and consistently being inconsistant doing thing that interest me. And that is why I think I spend more time working on self initiated projects than study hard(er) for my coming master thesis… 

Lately Aoi, Tong and I had come together working on some body movements sketches. It is simply a movement improvisation without rehearsals and scripts, no one knows what is happening, no one knows whether anyone is going to twist their ankles, or sprain their necks the next moment when we throw each other on the floor ( ok, we are not be that expressive yet) Anyway, and that happened, aTa (Aoi, Tong, Aiwei). A collaborative body movement sketch by the three of us.

It is getting darker so quickly now, but the latitude of the sun is low, the sun is amazing. Is is amazing like… looking so orange in the morning; it is amazing like…starting to look like a sunset when we are having lunch and look upon the sky.

Unintentional Gaze

This photo is a special dedication, only you know, I know. The out of focus was perfect, as though what I wanted to focus on was unimportant, but only to look at what you think I should pay attention to.